Social responsability

What makes us great is our people

Human capital

As a leading company, we are concerned about quality and performance and that is why we pay special attention to the key element of our efficiency: our people.

Our comprehensive improvement initiatives include:

Health and family well-being. We know that a healthy and well-integrated staff achieves better results, and that is why we take special care to keep our staff in optimal physical and mental condition.

Safe workplace We want our staff to be safe and that is why our plant that meets all safety requirements, we provide

uniforms and footwear according to their work specifications and safety training to deal with any emergency, this are some of the aspects that make make our company a safe place to work.

Training When our people grow, our company grows. We keep our employees up to date in terms of innovation and improvement through courses taught by experts of internationally recognized.

Equality and Inclusion We pride ourselves on being a company that does not discriminate, so we offer the same opportunities to anyone, regardless of their beliefs, nationality or race, because we firmly believe that greatness comes from human quality